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XtremePCB – Concurrent Layout

Design cycle time plays a big part in determining a product launch schedule, and the PCB Layout part is often called upon to make up for early design phase slips in the schedule.

To address this issue, P-C-D have the XtremePCB tools from Mentor®.

This tool allows our customers to:

  • Collaborate with P-C-D in real time anywhere in the world
  • Provide design input/changes at any time
  • Allow multiple designers to layout a single design without sacrificing productivity.

Xtreme design technology enables multiple PCB designers to simultaneously edit and update a PCB. With a single database throughout there is no longer a need to partition or split a design.

XtremePCB not only supports simultaneous placement and routing of the design, but also simultaneous documentation creation, viewing and manufacturing data preparation.

Design teams can take advantage of a “double-shift” on the PCB work, during a “single-shift” time frame.

For more information on how this can reduce your PCB design times please contact P-C-D