Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Services

P-C-D provides a comprehensive Mentor® and Altium® design facility, that includes PCB Design, DFM and DFT Analysis, Library Management, Consultancy, System Management and Administration.

Our staff has extensive experience in designing PCBs for all types of applications, including the latest PCI and DDR technologies. We can satisfy all your requirements for high-speed digital, analog, RF, backplane, flexi-rigid, high frequency and other high technology designs.

Technical Capability

  • Multi layer designs up to 24 layers
  • High-speed Digital, Analog, ECL, RF Backplanes and Flexi-rigid High-voltage PCB designs
  • Matched Length Impedance controlled PCB design
  • SMT, Buried, Blind, Thru-hole and Micro-via technologies
  • Applications and System Management
  • Part creation, library set up and management

PCB Design Tools - all multi-seat

All software on Full Support with Mentor®, running at the latest versions

  • PCB
    • Expedition™ Pinnacle
    • Altium®
    • PADS™
    • BoardStation™
  • To-Layout™, Package, Librarian, Layout, Fablink™ and Fablink/XE™
  • Library Manager and BoardStation™ LMS
  • Valor NPI
  • VPL (Library)


Expedition screenshot


Altium screenshot


PADS screenshot

Board Station™

BoardStation screenshot