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Signal Integrity, EMC, EMI - HyperLynx™

With high-speed digital design, Signal Integrity (SI) has become a critical issue, and poses increasing challenges to Design Engineers and PCB Designers alike. This tool addresses two concerns in electrical design – the timing and the quality of a signal. The aim of SI analysis is to ensure reliable high speed data transmission.

High performance microprocessors and super fast networks necessitate high performance packages. SI is one of the most important factors to be considered when integrating these packages together.

Comprehensive and in-depth pre-route SI analysis can cut down the redesign efforts and iterations, reducing the design cycle.

P-C-D uses the leading EDA tool, HyperLynx™ GHz, to provide design verification, pre-route and pre-schematic simulation and post-route analysis. PCB users are provided with feedback to help eliminate crosstalk, and recommend strategies such as single or parallel termination.

Designs can be analysed at almost any stage, ensuring that all constraints are met including the ability to run "what-if" analysis.

The HyperLynx™ tool analyses signal integrity, eliminates crosstalk, and detects EMC problems early, allowing you to "get it right first time."